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StaffIncreasing traffic to your website could be as simple as making some small changes to your website design. If a new visitor arrives on your website and is confused about where the information they need can be found, they will leave and most likely never return. here are some simple tips for optimizing your website in a way that attracts new visitors and gets them to interact with your content.

Improving Search Ability on Your Website
One of the biggest reasons many visitors hit the back button and leave a website is because they can not find the information they are looking for. Studies have revealed you have less than five seconds to hold the attention of a visitor before they hit the back button and escalate your bounce rate. Start organizing content with navigation tabs, allowing anyone to find information with one click rather than leaving them to search your entire website for information.

Holding Visitors Attention Longer
The easiest way to keep a visitor engaged on your website is to simply add fresh and relevant content daily. If you can not write your own content, there are plenty of places like oDesk and Fiverr where you can pay people a dollar an article to create the content for you. In addition to holding the attention of a visitor, you are going to see a huge spike in your website placement as you get the search engine spiders more interested in your content. If you start making posts daily, many people will come back each day to read up on the latest information you are providing them.

Removing Clutter and Distractions
To keep people on your website longer you have to remove all that clutter that is distracting them. Place videos on the appropriate pages and leave your best stuff on the home page. Remove any outward links to other websites because these are escape routes that take traffic away and in many cases they never come back. Lock up the site so once they arrive, they have plenty to do and read instead of having to go to other websites to get that information.

These are simple website design tips that will attract and hold your visitors attention longer. You put in all this effort building a website, it doesn’t make sense to allow them to leave without giving them what they came for. In no time at all you will start to see a huge positive change in your traffic patterns.

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